Monday, June 16, 2014

Instructions for Message to Michael and Rose Badge Requests

Due to the high volume of roses being bought in the final days for our annual One Rose for Michael J. Jackson event, we are advising members to use these instructions for their Message to Michael and Rose Badge requests.

What this means is, while we work to get purchase verification emails out, we are advising OneRose4MJJ members who have purchased their roses to submit their messages to Michael and rose badge requests. You do not have to wait to receive the purchase verification emaiil to do so, but you will still receive it as promised for your own records.

Instructions for submitting a message to Michael:

1. All messages to Michael should be submitted to (Note: Messages to Michael are published with a personalized rose badge to our memorial page: Celebrating Our Beloved Michael)

2. Including the following information in your email:

-Subject Line: Message To Michael

-Your message to Michael: Please clearly identify where your message to Michael begins and where it ends. Please try to perform any necessary spell checks and grammar checks before submitting your message. We try to correct typos when we catch them, but sometimes there is not enough time to do this for every email we receive. Also, your message to Michael does NOT have to be in English. You can submit your message in your native language.

-Rose Badge Request: Select which rose badge you'd like to be personalized with your first name to be published with your message to Michael. You must provide the number for the rose badge you select in your email.

Rose Badge 1:

Rose Badge 2:

Rose Badge 3:

These are only sample badges. The badge selected will by each member will be personalized with their names once they submit their selection with their message to Michael.

-Name: Clearly label what name you'd like on your rose badge. We can only do first names.

Please NOTE: We can no longer place more than one name on a rose badge. If you are making a purchase on the behalf of a group, then we'll need to publish the message with the group's name on the Rose badge. If there is no group name, then it is best for each contributing person to write their own message to Michael and it will be published with their personalized badge as an individual post. Please specify the paypal email address that was used to purchase the roses when sending individual messages from people who contributed to a group purchase or provide the transaction number associated to the purchase.

-Location: If you would like your post to contain your location(City, State, and/or Country), please inform us of such, otherwise, we will not post your location. Also, we cannot put locations on the rose badges, themselves.

Instructions for requesting a rose badge:

To clarify, even if you do not wish to publish a message to Michael, you are entitled to a personalized rose badge. Please inform us via email that you'd like a rose badge. Do not reply to verification email to request a rose badge, but instead create a separate email to inform us of your request.

1. Include the following in your email if you are only requesting a rose badge and NOT submitting a message to Michael.

-Subject Line: Rose Badge Request

-Rose Badge Request: Select which rose badge you'd like to be personalized with your first name to be published with your message to Michael. You must provide the number for the rose badge you select in your email.

Rose Badge 1:

Rose Badge 2:

Rose Badge 3:

-Name: Please advise us what name you'd like to be placed on your badge. 

-Email address: Please advise us of the email you used for payment or transaction number for rose purchase.

ALL messages to Michael received by June 24, 2014-12pm CST are guaranteed to be published by June 25, 2014 12am CST.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, in advance.
-OneRose4MJJ Admins

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Official Statement From the Estate of Michael Jackson


As with so many times before, Michael Jackson’s artistry and genius is again at center stage.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of promotion for Michael’s new album, XSCAPE – starting with the premiere of the album’s first single “Love Never Felt So Good” on the iHeart Music Awards, and continuing to the performance on the Billboard Awards Sunday night.  These performances were the highlights of both shows and netted Michael the #1 album on the planet, the #1 spot on iTunes and Spotify and the #1 single/video on iTunes!

Michael’s music is also part of two worldwide advertising campaigns - Sony Mobile using “Slave To The Rhythm” and Jeep using “Love Never Felt So Good.”  This is an incredible testament to the King of Pop!  Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and to expand the community to include as many new fans as possible.  Given all that has happened in these last few weeks, that goal has been accomplished.  Everyone around the world is talking about Michael’s music and his achievements!

Our other goal is to use new and innovative ways to create entertainment on a grand scale that allows the world to experience Michael’s magic – something that reflects Michael’s love of spectacle and grandeur and his own desire to be a step ahead of others.  The best entertainment is that which evokes “suspended disbelief”; it’s about entertainment, not reality.  When David Copperfield makes an airplane disappear, the illusion is no less compelling because it is not real.  No one will ever replace Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.  And certainly no one can dance like the greatest entertainer who ever lived – not even an illusion.  Michael’s music and spirit are immortal, and that has been proven again these last few weeks.  In bringing Michael’s spirit to the stage, the entire world was reminded of Michael’s genius as a singer, a dancer, and an innovator who pushed the envelope.

We want to thank the MJ fan community for their continued support for Michael and wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the things that we are seeing and reading.  The incredible visibility over the last few weeks as the world has celebrated the release of XSCAPE is amazing.  We hope the fans are as thrilled as we are to see all of this promotion call attention to Michael’s music.  Here are some of the highlights of the reaction to the Billboard performance.  You will soon see the reaction to the first week sales of XSCAPE.

Jackie Jackson said "It was like he was right here with us. I got teary eyed to see my brother up there. I thought he was there for real." Ludacris chimed in: "It sent chills down my spine." Watch here:

 This was the biggest audience that the Billboard Music Awards has enjoyed in 13 years. ABC, the network that carried the broadcast, won the night for most viewers.
The highest viewership occurred between 9-10 p.m. - when Michael's segment occurred. 

German report describes the illusion like a "mirror of the real thing:"  

Robin Roberts of Good Morning America Tweeted:
Diddy loved the experience:

Tyler from Florida Georgia Line was impressed with the performance:

Fox News says the performance "Stole The Show:"
Robin Leach "dares" you to tell him it didn't look real:

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and host of Shark Tank posted on Instagram "He's BAAAACK":

Floyd Maywether dug it:
...and from Fans:
YouTube star Trevor Moran:

And all of this is in addition to the fact that Xscape is #1 in 50 countries; "Slave To The Rhythm" shot from #311 to #39 on the iTunes charts, and the album is currently #1 worldwide on Spotify as well. 

Here is just a small taste of the worldwide press:
India gives Xscape The Bombay Flip Project Treatment:


The press was delighted with Usher's performance to "Love Never Felt So Good" at the iHeartMusic Awards at the beginning of the month:
The Jeep Commercial featuring "Love Never Felt So Good" is set to be the song of the summer: 
“This is a unique collaboration with Epic Records and L.A. Reid, and the USA Basketball Team — together we are creating a new definition of summer,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler Group LLC.  “‘Love Never Felt So Good’ makes you want to dance, to move, to play, to get up off the couch...” - See more at:

"Michael Jackson Unreleased Song in Jeep Ads":

SiriusXM debuted an all-Michael Jackson channel:

And of course, you are all familiar with the worldwide campaign with Sony Mobile that launched promotions for the album:
And, then there have been, of course, the incredible events produced by you, the fan clubs. Those celebrations have been invaluable, and we love seeing reports, photos, videos, and updates from those activities. 

Let's continue to celebrate Michael's music.

The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#MJXscape Twitterthons


We're just a couple of weeks away from the release of Michael Jackson's new album, #Xscape! In preparation for this amazing event, various fan groups who stand united in support of Xscape have decided to dedicate the following dates for #MJXscape twitterthons! 

Thursday-May 1, 2014: During the iHeartRadio Music Awards on NBC(will provide live stream link when its available) 

Sunday May 4, 2014: Any time throughout the day. U.S will begin during Rocking 4 Roses 5pm ET

Sunday May 11. 2014: Any time throughout the day. U.S will begin during Rocking 4 Roses 5pm ET

Tuesday May 13, 2014: 12:01am ET Hopefully we'll be able to have our good friend Marty back online in time for him to host a listening party on his Justin.TV channel

 The hashtag for these twitterthons will be #MJXscape. 
A few things to remember when trying to get a trending topic.
  • RT the bigger accounts like fan group accounts to get top tweets.
  • Once we get the hashtag trending, switch to COPYING AND PASTING tweets instead of RTing. In other words, limit how much you use the RT button.
  • Try to avoid using too many hashtags in one tweet.
  • Some of the best tweets come from incorporating song lyrics, so have some #MJXscape song lyrics handy!
Some great fan/fan group twitter accounts to follow can be found below:

Friday, April 4, 2014

MJ Fans United in Support of XScape

Michael Jackson fans around the world wish to express their excitement and extend their support for the upcoming album Xscape, due to be released May 13, 2014. The unprecedented worldwide charting at #2 on iTunes from pre-ordering in a mere two days after the announcement from Epic Records, clearly demonstrates that the power of Michael’s music has not diminished in his absence. We are thrilled that Michael’s magical artistry is once again at the forefront of cutting edge music and wait with eager anticipation for never before heard demos, as well as the finished songs by some of his most ardent admirers and musicians. Fans certainly recognize that these previously unreleased tracks will serve as an introduction to a new generation of fans, and also a reminder to veteran fans of the unparalleled body of musical genius Michael has left behind. Our continued love and support is also extended to Michael’s beloved children, Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson. It is through his children and posthumous releases such as Xscape, that Michael Jackson’s legacy will live forever.

Pre-Order Xscape-Deluxe Edition

United States:

If you own a blog or fan site, and would like to add your logo in support of Michael's upcoming album, XScape, send your logos to  We will add your logos as fast as we can.