Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One Rose for Michael...A Childhood of Hope For Others

As our motto proudly states, one voice, one heart, one love...we are one rose for Michael J. Jackson. Truer words were never spoken as we enter our fourth year of sending a sea of lovely red roses to Michael at Forest Lawn to honor him on the day of his passing.

Fans from around the globe are able to send a small token to say what they would say if we could have the privilege of visiting our fallen idol's place of resting.

"You are missed and you are loved, Michael."

Last year, hearts were put on the line and we were able to send over 10,000 gorgeous, long-stemmed, freedom roses to our beloved, but what few may know is that on June 26th, Michael's legacy was further honored.

The following day, after celebrating Michael's life on June 25th, our wonderful OneRose4MJJ team took several buckets of the roses sent to honor Michael and placed them in various places including a homeless women's shelter and a seniors home to brighten up the day with their beauty.

Roses were also placed in Lullaby and Baby Land to honor all the Lost Children of Forest Lawn.

This year, Michael's humanitarian legacy is being even further honored via OneRose4MJJ's gesture of roses by our greatest and most respected advocates among the MJ fan community.

For every 1,000 roses purchased by fans, MJJJustice Project, Stop Global Airwave Abuse, Michael Jackson Fans of Montreal, and MJ Fans of NY have decided to pledge to the three selected charities OneRose4MJJ supports year round: UNICEF, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, and the American Vitiligo Research Foundation. Taking One Rose for Michael and using it to pay it forward and provide a childhood of hope for those in need.

We encourage anybody, group or individual who would like to join in this major gesture of paying it forward to visit MJJJustice Project's page for further details: With a Child's Heart 2013-Tribute to Michael Jackson.

Updated: 4/25/20013: Another pledge has been made by yet another loving, fellow MJ fan. Please welcome Debbii Longshaw.

Thank you to the wonderful group of ladies who inspired this tribute and who continue to inspire others to join.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Purchasing A Rose for June 25, 2013

Instructions as follows:

1. Go to

2. Log into your account.

3. Click on ‘Send Money’

4. In the box that says ‘To (email or mobile phone) enter:

5. In the box marked ‘Amount’ enter the total amount in USD you are sending. Each long stem freedom rose is $3.00. To calculate the total amount of money needed to purchase your roses, multiply the number of roses you’d like to purchase by 3. You may also refer to the chart below:

1 Rose= $3.00
2 Roses=$6.00
1 Doz(12)=$36.00

PLEASE NOTE: Like last year the calculated cost per rose includes fees, money conversions(for members purchasing from outside the U.S), trucking costs, taxes and other costs. Once the mentioned fees are deducted, any left over balance will go towards the purchase of more roses.

6. Select ‘This is a purchase’ and click on ‘goods’!

Once you’ve purchased your rose(s), you should receive an email from both paypal and #OneRose4MJJ to verify your purchase. The email from the #OneRose4MJJ team with provide further instructions for sending your #MessageToMichael, so that it may be published to our memorial blog along with your rose badge. Our memorial blog:Celebrating Our Beloved Michael


Once you’ve submitted your message via email #OneRose4MJJ will post it for you to the memorial page, but give us at least 24-48 hours for it to appear on the memorial site. We will email you to notify you when your message has been published, provide a link to your message and send you your personalized rose badge as well!

In addition to honoring Michael with roses this year, #OneRose4MJJ also offers fans the option of donating to a charity in Michael’s loving memory. We have pages set up with three charities.
The charities #OneRose4MJJ supports all have legal status as a charity and provide a means for fans to donate directly to the charity…no middle man.
Our Charities are the following:
Last year, as many of you may recall, #OneRose4MJJ used the roses sent to Michael in a gesture to pay it forward. On June 26th, various buckets of the roses that were sent to Michael were taken to battered women’s shelters, elderly homes, and even to Lullaby Land and Babyland at Forest Lawn. The plan is to do the same this year as well.
In addition, #OneRose4MJJ has partnered with the MJJJustice Project and Stop Global Airwave Abuse to further use our gesture of love as a means to pay it forward. For every 1,000 roses purchased, MJJJustice Project and Stop Global Airwave Abuse will donate to our three charities. continuing Michael’s long legacy of humanitarianism!
Please visit MJJJustice Project’s blog for information on how to join in on this act of paying it forward!

With A Child’s Heart 2013 – Tribute to Michael Jackson