Thursday, January 5, 2012

Raising Our Voice

This is a call to action. We must find answers to our questions and concerns regarding the funds that were raised to immunize underprivileged children. Every effort has to be made to bring the culprit who stole these children's chance at receiving life-saving vaccines to justice. Any chances of recovering the funds that have been stolen depends on us as a group reporting this crime that has been committed in the name of Our Beloved Michael.

There's nothing that can't be done, if we raise our voice as one!

~Michael Jackson~

Paypal: If you used Paypal to make your contribution to the Immunization Project with One Rose for Michael Jackson, please report to their Compliance center.


Include the following information or as much of it as possible when you make your phone calls and write your emails:
  • An explanation of what has occurred. Try to be brief. Please try to refrain from using insults or offensive language towards Sofie in your email. 
  • Include Sofie's full name, both maiden and married: Sofie Strandberg and Sofie Jansson
  • Include the email address Sofie used to collect the PayPal donations:
  • Provide them with your name and PayPal account email.
  • Inform them of the amounts you donated. The dates you donated and then provide them with the "Unique Transaction ID#" for each donation.
  • Include a link to One Rose for Michael Jackson's page:
Paypal: If you used Paypal to make your contribution to the Immunization Project with One Rose for Michael Jackson, please report to their Compliance center.


The agent I spoke with encourages as many members to email them as possible. The higher the volume of emails, the faster they'll respond. It usually takes anywhere from 24-72 hours, but again, the more emails the receive, the higher the potential for rapid response.

Not only is this the first step to reporting this to the proper parties, but it also serves as a method of getting our complaints on record quicker.

Members have already begun receiving responses and the most promising of replies are ones that indicate that a higher volume of complaints will render greater potential of the matter becoming a top priority for investigation.

UNICEF Sweden: As of now, it is understood that UNICEF Sweden has put forth every effort to get in contact with Sofie Strandberg regarding the missing donation, but they have been unsuccessful. Still, continued communication with UNICEF Sweden has proven that the more people report this matter, the better the chances of it becoming a higher priority for investigation. We need to get our claims and reports on file for Interpol and Swedish authorities to have a reference point for their investigations.

Per Westberg-Deputy Executive Director/Vice generalsekreterare
Phone: +46 8 692 25 00
Direct +46 8 692 25 05 
Mobile: +46 708231606


A response one of our group members received from UNICEF Sweden:
Phone: 1.800.FOR.KIDS

Interpol: The email I sent to Interpol upon receiving an email from them suggesting I forward all information to them to provide to Swedish authorities can be read here.

Reference #: IP-2011-031526 (please include this in your email to Interpol).

Local Swedish Authorities:

Mayor Camilla Brunsberg                                                                                                     
Phone: 011-46-455-30 30 01.                                                                                                
Mobile: 011-46-709-31 30 01.                                                                                                

Mats Lindbom – second to the mayor.
Phone: 011-46-455-30 30 02.
Mobile: 011-46-708-79 52 82.

Josephine Lindstrom – Asst to the Mayor.

Local Police Department in Sweden
Phone: 0046 77 114 14 00

Internet Fraud Email:
For English Speaking:

Any and everybody who donated to this cause must raise their voice...if not for the injustice, than at least for the children who have been cheated out of a disease free childhood!
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
~Edmund Burke~ 



  1. It's a shame that one bad person was able to sabotage one of the most important things to Michael...that is, helping to heal others. Not to mention this group's good intentions! Sophie needs to know she cannot steal $10,000, or any other amount, and get away with it!

  2. However, let's start anew! This is 2012! We can begin with a fresh start! I'm in. How about you!

  3. Well done Sarrah! A New Year and a new group and renewed incentive to get these children vaccinated and continue to have the roses at Holly Terrace each June 25th.

  4. Thanks for the comments. Please continue to help us spread the word! <3