Saturday, March 29, 2014

Making HIStory for Michael Jackson

This year will be our 5th year paying tribute to our beloved Michael with a huge display of gorgeous, long-stemmed freedom roses at Forest Lawn this June 25th.

Naturally, every Michael Jackson fan wants to take every opportunity to commemorate this mileston in a big way.

Here's what we'd like to submit for every single Michael Jackson fan's consideration from the around the world.

Let's make HIStory for Michael, one rose at a time and one child at a time.

One Rose for Michael J. Jackson supports UNICEF and St. Jude's Children's Hospital year-round, but just imagine how amazing of a tribute it would be to commemorate Michael's 5th anniversary, not only by a huge display of roses, but by honoring Michael's humanitarian legacy at the same time.

We are calling on all fans to help us reach a goal of  $10,000 for each of the charities we support to contribute to the celebration of Michael's entire legacy not only as an artist, but as a humanitarian.

Donate to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

Donate to UNICEF

For members who wish to pay their respects strictly by donating to the charities supported by OneRose4MJJ, please be advised, that you can also have a message to Michael with a personalized rose badge published to our memorial page: Celebrating Our Beloved Michael

Once you've submitted a donation to either or both of these charities, OneRose4MJJ will send you an email with instructions on how to proceed with submitting your message to Michael and requesting a personalized rose badge.

Remember, all donations are made directly to the charities. OneRose4MJJ's admins do NOT collect the funds for these donations.

Please spread the word! Tweet this to every single fan and friend of Michael!

Side Note: We are on the verge of hitting 4,000 members on OneRose4MJJ's FB group. Lets get it to 5,000 by June 25th!

One Rose for Michael J. Jackson Facebook Group



  2. Me enamoro tu pureza y tu arte me hizo soñarrrrrrr