Monday, March 9, 2015

Annual One Rose for Michael J. Jackson 2015

It is with great pleasure to announce, that this year's One Rose for Michael J. Jackson Rose tribute at Forest Lawn for this June 25th has officially begun.

This is 6th year we celebrate his creative genius & legacy.

Since its inception, this annual rose event has been a monumental endeavor for fans around the world to come together as one and pay our respects to our beloved Man in the Mirror.

While many fans are able to make their pilgrimage to Forest Lawn to be able to personally pay their respect, many fans from around the world are not able to do so, but instead are able to send out their love to Michael in a global effort to honor Michael and his memory.

Each rose represents the heart of a Michael Jackson fan worldwide. Together, these gorgeous, long-stem, freedom roses create a beautiful and amazing Blanket of Love for the world to see just how much Michael continues to be loved....after all, love lives forever.

A paypal account has been set up by One Rose for Michael J. Jackson's admins.

If you already have an existing PayPal account:

1. Go to

2. Log into your account.

3. Click on ‘Send Money’

4. In the box that says ‘To (email or mobile phone) enter:

5. In the box marked ‘Amount’ enter the total amount in USD you are sending. Each long stem freedom rose is $3.00. To calculate the total amount of money needed to purchase your roses, multiply the number of roses you’d like to purchase by 3. You may also refer to the chart below:

1 Rose= $3.00
2 Roses=$6.00
1 Doz(12)=$36.00

6. Select ‘This is a purchase’ and click on ‘goods’!

If you would like to purchase your roses with a debit/credit card instead of a PayPal account:

1. Please click the PayPal button below.

OneRose4MJJ 2015 Rose Event
 You will be directed to a form to purchase your roses. 

2. On the next form, enter the number of roses you're purchasing in the box labeled "Qty" and select the 'update' link located to the right of the Qty box.

3. At the bottom of the form, select "check out". You will be directed to a form that will show your order total.

4. To the right of the order box, you are asked to 'choose your payment method'. Select the bottom box labeled "Pay with a debit or credit card, or Bill Me Later"

5. Enter your debit/credit card information and billing address, then click 'pay' at the bottom of the page.
Once you’ve purchased your rose(s), you should receive an email from PayPal to verify your purchase. 

PLEASE NOTE: Like last year the calculated cost per rose includes fees, money conversions(for members purchasing from outside the U.S), trucking costs, taxes and other costs. Once the mentioned fees are deducted, any left over balance will go towards the purchase of more roses.

**Final day to purchase your roses will be June 18th(this date may change)**

 This year due to circumstances beyond our control we will be unable to do personalized rose badges and instead will select a rose badge that members can download and personalize on their own. Your messages to Michael, however, will still be published to our memorial blog, so please be sure to send your #MessageToMichael to

When your message has been published, you will receive an email with a link to your message.

To read your #MessageToMichael and messages from fans across the world, please visit our memorial blog: Celebrating Our Beloved Michael

In addition to arranging a way to implement the charities OneRose4MJJ supports, we will again pay it forward take a certain number of buckets of roses to Battered Women's shelters, Veteran's Homes, and to the children's resting places at Forest Lawn.

It is a tremendously heart-warming experience to continue this tradition with fellow MJ fans from around the world. Due to the continued loved and loyalty of his fans, Michael will again be smiling down on us for continuing his message of love.

Thank you all for your love and support,
One Rose for Michael J. Jackson Admins



  1. This is beautiful it bring tears to eyes to see this i will be apart of this this year and every year after that. Miss you MJ you will always be apart of my life.


  2. I ordered 6 roses, still waiting for final payment receipt. Thanks.

  3. I sent in a payment for 6 roses, still waiting for final receipt and info on badges. Thanks.

  4. I am sending in my donation for 3 roses. I can't wait to see them among the tens of thousands of others in June, 2015! I also can't wait to receive my Rose Badge so I can proudly display it on websites I visit. Thank you for everything, OneRose4MJJ! <3

  5. For some reason, the payment was labeled for the 2014 roses... Can you e-mail me to confirm you received my payment for 3 roses for June, 2015? Thank you!! I need to be sure I didn't pay incorrectly...

  6. I have just ordered 4 roses. Thank you so much for keeping this going and giving us fans who live at the other side of the world the chance to honor and show our love for Michael <3

  7. Is there any info on what the badges are going to look like? Thanks.

  8. Ordered a dozen, looking forward to seeing the roses at Forest Lawn

  9. I am always so happy to send roses to Michael. I think he can feel our love, and its healing to that part of my heart that will miss him forever... God bless this wonderful project

  10. I have purchased 12 roses on 31st March and the payment was settled through my Paypal account at the same time. I would like to have your confirmation, please check the payment and email to me to verify the payment was received. Thank you so so much! Also Thanks so much for this great project that giving me the chance to honor and show love for my beloved Michael. LOVE YOU ALL and GOD BLESS!
    Best Regards, Fanny Chow

  11. I purchased a rose about 3 weeks but have not heard anything. Please can you confirm safe receipt? Many thanks xxx

  12. 5 roses on 4th April from Laura L. Please email me to verify min payment was received. Thank you very much for giving this opportunity to share our loves. Best Regards.

  13. I sent 6 Roses for LOve
    I love you MIchael <3

  14. I sent 2 flowers to my baby MJJ and I've translate this post to Arabic on @MJ_ArabFans on twitter as well 👍🏻

  15. I made my payment in March, but am wondering whether or not my note to Michael was received. I did it as an email.
    If you could please check and let me know. Thanks.

    1. If you still have not received an answer, Robyn Starkand said that this year only comes confirmation from paypal. And thanked for our love and support.

  16. I ordered SIX ROSES for Michael on 6/5/15 may he RIP and know that I Miss and LOVE HIM ALWAYS.

  17. This year I learned about the annual event "one rose for Michael Jackson" and I couldn't stay indifferent. I had a problem with my card but another fan of Michael, girl from another Russian city, helped me. This girl also took part in the event this year.I've listed money on her card then she paid for roses with her paypal account . Thank you for the opportunity to express their love to the great artist and a wonderful person Michael Jackson, and to honor his memory by sending Roses.

  18. As I have vowed to I place my order for six roses for MichaelJackson,,,one to commemorate each year since his transition. I will continue to add an additional rose each year until either I or this event no longer exists. It is the least I can do for one who did so much. Truly missed...forever loved (Ilive4U4me)

  19. 1 dozen, with all my heart you are dearly missed by so many, there is never a day that you M are not in my thoughts. (PhoenixFiery7) Love to all fans, continue to lift his legacy high!

  20. I ordered my roses the first week and now 2 mos later it fills my heart with joy to see the count at 12,000. Michael will once again see a beautiful blanket of love reaching up to him. God bless you, angel. You are missed more than words can express.

  21. I ordered roses last year and the year before. Both times my money came back. I used paypall for payment. Didn't work......:((

  22. I ordered my roses today!! I can't believe it's been almost six years!! Thank you for the opportunity to honor Michael. I live far away and can't see the blanket of love for Michael in person. God Bless You All for keeping this going!! I miss you Michael J. Jackson with all my heart. I hope you can feel all this love!! It's all for you!! RIP 1958-2009--Never Forgotten, Always in my heart!!

  23. The roses were beautiful! I was able to see them with my granddaughter on the 26th as they were wonderfully donated to charity. These are the most beautiful roses. I am always so amazed at the quality. Thanks so much for doing this year after year. I know I appreciate seeing them, and all the lovely tributes.

  24. I could only buy 1 this week. I will try to buy more soon! 3/20/16